The SediMeter™ SM4 an Immediate Success

The fourth SediMeter™, released in 2018, has become an immediate success for sedimentation monitoring. In two projects, on both sides of “The Pond,” SediMeters are now used to monitor sedimentation on sensitive bottoms in real time (article in IDR).  The decisive feature in SM4 is that it includes a turbidimeter, apart from the SediMeter sensor itself. This means that for dredging spill monitoring, it handles both the key tasks required: It monitors near-bed turbidity, and it monitors sedimentation on the bottom.

Among the most interesting results so far is the realisation that near bed turbidity and sedimentation are not nearly as closely correlated as one might expect. There can be high near bed turbidity without sediment accumulation, and vice versa, says Dr. Ulf Erlingsson, who has helped the client in interpreting the first results.

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