SediMeter software update now available

Version 3.4 of the SediMeter™ software is now available on the Lindorm web site. It features a new Export function that allows the user to export all data from a SediMeter™ in a text file, suitable for import to a spreadsheet.

The generated file includes the UTC time, temperature, mean bottom level, and mean turbidity from the 37th optical backscatter center. Furthermore it contains the individual turbidity data from each of the 36 optical backscatter detectors in the SediMeter™ probe. Finally it contains the burst data. These are up to 20 measurements of level and turbidity that are used to calculate the mean level and mean turbidity.

The previous update, version 3.3, provided e-mail alerts. The software can be used for real-time monitoring of a single or a network of instruments. The user can define thresholds for erosion, accumulation, and turbidity. If any of these thresholds is exceeded, for any SediMeter™ in the network, an e-mail alert is sent. This is useful in a dredging operation, or a beach replenishment, where there are environmental concerns. The e-mail can go to the dredge operator, to the supervisor, to the regulatory agency, or to all three.

Version 3.2 provided burst sampling of the bottom level and turbidity from the 37th optical backscatter detector. The user can take from 1 to 20 samples in each measurement, with an interval from 1 s to 15 s. This can be a huge benefit if the SediMeter™ is deployed in an environment with wave action. Without burst sampling, the short-term variability within a single wave period can be larger than the variability in a tidal cycle, for instance. The burst sampling allows for this “nugget effect” to be quantified, and also to get a much more reliable average value in each measurement.

Version 3 of the sedimeter.exe software is the one that corresponds to the third generation SediMeter™. The SediMeter™ was invented in the 1980’s and patented in Sweden. SediMeter™ is a trade name of Lindorm, Inc.

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